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SoftPlot Lite - Minimising the Cost

SoftPlot Lite is a reduced-functionality and more affordable version of standard SoftPlot, to appeal to private individuals, academic users, test equipment resellers, or those with a limited instrument interfacing requirement. This offering supports between one and five instrument drivers and can be installed on one PC only. There is a pay-per-driver option, where a limited number of additional drivers can be unlocked.

Pay-per-Driver Concept

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At the point of install, it is possible to freely select from any supported instrument driver, to personalise SoftPlot Lite. A driver is the software within SoftPlot used to retrieve measurements from an instrument. Some drivers support a whole product range, depending on the commonality of commands implemented by the instrument manufacturer. The base licence includes one driver. Up to four additional drivers may be added at the time of purchase, giving a maximum total of five drivers.

SoftPlot Lite Functionality

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The appearance of SoftPlot Lite is similar to standard SoftPlot. Only a subset of instrument transfer tabbed pages are visible, according to the installed drivers. Otherwise, full functionality of the standard product is provided.

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