Aphena Licence Server

Aphena software such as SoftPlot, Plottergeist, and their Viewer versions can be purchased as either fixed licences or floating licences.

Aphena Licence Server manages the registration and allocation of floating licences for all Aphena software applications. The floating licence concept allows a given application to be installed on multiple PCs, and the licence to run the application is allocated only when that application is started. This permits a smaller number of licences to be shared widely in an organisation, and is a cost-effective strategy for infrequent users of the application. If all licences are allocated, the current users are listed and the application is not allowed to run (or it may be started in reduced-functionality mode). Floating licences do cost slightly more than fixed licences in return for their increased flexibility. A floating licence currently has a 33 % premium over an equivalent fixed licence, and ongoing maintenance is 50 % more per licence.

The alternative approach is to purchase one or more fixed licences. Here, the software application can only be installed on a limited number of PCs (typically one or two installs per single licence). The advantage of a fixed licence is that there is no contention between users for access to the application, and the cost per licence is less. This method suits frequent or constant users of the application.

Aphena Licence Server runs on a networked PC, and the network is used to accept licence requests and make allocations to any connected PC that runs the client application. A user interface is provided to allow the Licence Server to be configured.

Choice of Implementation: Windows Application or Windows Service

There are two variants of the Aphena Licence Server, both are installed and either one can be used.

The simplest version to use is a standard Windows Application executable, which starts and runs like any other familiar program. It has a main window that shows the current details of the licences and users.

The Windows Service version of the Aphena Licence Server is designed to run in the background on the PC, starting automatically without requiring any log-on. It operates without any visible user interface, but provides exactly the same functionality as the Windows Application version. Since Windows Services are not allowed to have a visible window for user interaction, we provide a separate control panel to configure the Licence Server. This control panel looks just like the Application-style Licence Server, except that it is actually a client, running on the same PC as the Licence Server Service. Effectively, the Licence Server Service and the Licence Server Control Panel together provide the same functionality as the Windows Application version.

Graphic: Aphena Licence Server

The Users tab on the main window shows a table listing all registered users. Users are added to this list when the client software is installed on a new PC and registered with the Aphena Licence Server. Users are removed from the list by uninstalling the client software on the client PC.

In addition to holding the licence for a period while the client software is running, there is also a Leased Licence feature. Leasing of a licence allows a user to check-out a licence for an extended period, and even disconnect their PC during the term of the lease. This is useful for laptop users who wish to use the client software remotely. The licence can be checked back in normally, or it will expire after an administrator-configurable termination period.

Find out more about Site-Wide Licence options

Get in touch with Aphena to discuss your requirements. We can tailor a site-wide floating or fixed licence package to exactly meet your needs.

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