About Aphena Ltd.

Aphena Ltd. was incorporated in April 2003, and is the brand name for software products previously developed and sold by P & H Technology Consultants.

Technology skills include :

Track Record

  1. SoftPlot is a privately funded and marketed software development, which is written in Delphi and uses a National Instruments or Keysight GPIB interface to RF measuring instruments. SoftPlot performs the same function as a measurement hardcopy produced by a pen-plotter or screen-grab, but it can be pasted electronically into documents and presentations. Most network analyzers, spectrum analyzers and digitising scopes have the capability to plot measurements via their GPIB interface. SoftPlot improves on a hardcopy by extracting only the unformatted data from the instrument and allowing it to be processed later in a number of different ways. For example, an S-parameter measurement from a network analyzer can be switched between a Smith chart or a VSWR display, or it can be exported to other software such as Microwave Office (TM Cadence-AWR), Genesys (TM Keysight), ADS (TM Keysight), spreadsheets or maths packages.
  2. Cable measurement software for PIC Wire and Cable, Wisconsin. Records all measurements of serial-numbered cables, storing results in a database. Measurements and spec limits are guided through use of measurement templates. Results can be printed using a customised report template. Long-term results storage using Microsoft SQL server.
  3. Nokia Telecommunications in Camberley, UK and Oulu, Finland - We have written Windows software for PCs to aid the production and commissioning of base-stations. Each base-station consists of a rack with many plug-in modules. Each module is barcoded and the configuration of each base-station needs to be recorded. This involves interfacing a barcode reader to the PC and checking off barcode serial numbers against a Bill of Materials. The data is either printed out as a packing list for shipping purposes or stored in a database. We have integrated our product into their manufacturing control system.
  4. We have designed and written a number of database applications. These have a user-friendly and corporately-deployed front end, mostly written using Borland Delphi which communicate with the database using SQL.

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